2 Reasons To Have A Ducted Vacuum System Installed In Your Home

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One chore that most people complete within their homes on a regular basis is vacuuming. Whether it be your carpet, your wood, your tile, or some other kind of flooring, a vacuum is an excellent tool at getting them clean. Because you use your vacuum so much within your home, it is very important that you have a vacuum that works well for you and is easy to use. One great type of vacuum to consider is a ducted vacuum. This type of vacuum system is essentially built into your home and has a large holding tank located in your garage or laundry room. Here are two reasons to have ducted vacuums installed in your home. 

Outlets In Each Room

The ducted vacuum system creates suction from the central location and spreads this suction amongst ducts located throughout your home. These ducts are then connected to outlets in your walls. These outlets are specifically created for a central vacuum hose and they create a sealed connection. Once you turn your vacuum on, the suction begins, thus allowing your vacuum to effectively suck up whatever is on your floor. Since the ducts are located all throughout your home, you can essentially have an outlet in every single room of your home. This makes it simple for you to vacuum all of the rooms and levels of your home because you can simply keep vacuum hoses on each level. 

You Can Install An Automatic Dustpan

If you hate trying to get your dirt into a dustpan, then you may want to consider having an automatic dustpan installed as part of your ducted vacuum system. This is simply in inlet in your floor that can be opened up to suck in the dirt on your floors. The suction begins when the inlet is opened and stops when you close it back up. This makes getting rid of dirt super easy for you because the inlet is connected to the duct system. This means that whatever you suck into it goes into the holding tank that all of your other dust, dirt, and debris that you vacuum up goes.

A ducted vacuum system is a great addition to your home because you can have outlets installed in every single room of your home to make vacuuming easy and you can also install an automatic dustpan that makes sucking up piles of dirt a breeze for you. 

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